Find out how much you should pay for a property management agent in London

How much should I pay for a property managing agent in London

Many commercial and residential buildings use property managing agent in London. Property managing agents can help maintain and promote your properties. Choosing one is not that simple either, as prices can vary depending on the duties of the managing agent. Before embarking on your journey to appointment a block management company in the London area, you first need to decide what services you need for your property or properties and the price of your property.  Knowing the services you need will make it easier for you to calculate the expected cost of a managing agent and also help you compare the different block management companies operating within the London area.

In this article, we will try and help you gain some insight on how much managing agents cost in London as well as our top tips when looking for a block management company to appoint to your commercial or residential property.

The Cost of the Property

Firstly consider the property cost. It goes without saying that in London, houses, apartments and other properties can be expensive to purchase. The higher the cost of property, will usually mean that the property is located in a desirable area and therefore, you can charge more in rent. The fact you can charge a higher value of rent is fantastic, but don’t forget that a vast number of property managing agents across London ask for a percentage of gross income rather than a set fee, and the rate can vary from managing agent to managing agent. If your rent has a low-profit-margin, then you need to be looking for agents who ask for a lower percentage. Otherwise, your profit margin will be too small or non-existent. However, if your profits are higher, you can afford to spend more money on an agent. This means they will take on more duties as an agent as a result.

The more expensive the property, the more likely you will need an entirely dedicated agent. Interior and exterior cleaning and maintenance may be expected. More duties mean the cost of an agent will be more expensive as they will want more money for their time. Therefore, you may need to raise your rent to cover these costs or face managing your property yourself.

Management Involvement

Most often an agent will take a percentage of the gross income. This wage can range between five and ten percent for basic services to around fifteen percent for full management. When looking to appoint a property managing agent in London, make sure you understand exactly what they will be doing. This can affect the fee significantly. If the agent is doing more work such as handling the promotion of the property and sourcing of residents, then their fee will be more substantial. Whereas, if they are doing the necessary management of rent and maintenance, their costs can be must lower.

You want to make sure you are setting a fee that is reflective of the hard work and dedication the agent will put into the property. Understanding the duties of an agent will help you pick a right wage. You need to be accurate in your estimation to avoid being conned out of money. If you offer an agent a super high wage, you might find yourself disappointed. Once you see the actual work they carry out, and you may feel they aren’t working enough for that money.

Be Rewarding, not Cheap.

You want your agent to be motivated in their work. With a percentage of the gross income, they should want to keep the property filled steadily. The more longtime tenants mean more money for both you and them. The money, therefore, should encourage them to make the property a safe and enjoyable place for people to live.

This is why the cheapest fee shouldn’t tempt you. Often, this means that your agent may be working for multiple properties at once to boost their wage. They could as a result neglect work and maintenance at your properties, leaving damage unseen to. Tenants can become dissatisfied and angry, leaving your property for good. As a representative of you, the owner, you want an agent to focus on your residents wholly. A fair percentage of the gross income (or wage if they choose), can ensure this. Property management agents in London won’t be cheap. London is a busy, and expensive, place to live and finding and keeping residents can be hard. However, their knowledge and experience are vital if you want to keep your property occupied.

Appointing a property managing agent in London for you and your property can be the best decision if you need help filling your properties. They can handle all of the daily tasks that you may not be able to. However, you need to make sure you are getting the right price. If you are interested in property managing agents in London, then contact us today for more information.

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