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Top tips on appointing a London block management company

Are you thinking about appointing a London block management company?

Block management is the process of managing residential properties. A London block management company collects rent and service charges on your behalf. It also organises the work and maintenance on the property. It is a perfect solution for building owners too busy to take care with the smaller jobs. By hiring help, your residents will be happier, knowing there is someone who has the time to listen to them.

Running a business in London can be fast-paced and stressful. So, hiring a London block management company can be the choice you need to make. Read this blog for the most significant advantages of taking this step in your company’s journey.

Look For Qualifications

When hiring a London block management company you need to look out for the right qualifications. This includes membership of the Institute of Residential Property Management or, the Chartered Institute of Housing. Memberships show you that they are trustworthy and credible.

There are many other advantages of firms with qualifications and memberships. Agents will have professional indemnity insurance to assist you in the case of negligence. They also have fidelity insurance and are checked on how they handle the money collected on behalf of you. This all ensures that a London block management company will handle your residential property properly and professionally.

Watch Out for the Price

You need to make sure that when picking a London block management company you aren’t being scammed out of money. Understanding what you are paying for exactly. Ask what exactly their agent will be carrying out on the property. This will help you understand the price you should be paying. The more duties they have the more they need to be paid. This will ensure they will carry out their job properly and with care.

However, be wary of companies offering too-good-to-be-true prices. If you choose an agency with suspiciously low rates, you may end up with lousy service. Your agent could be negligent, never at the property and unresponsive to you and your residents.

Responsibility and Professionality

Look for accountability when appointing a London block management agency. You need a company who understands the responsibility their agent will have. An agent will be responsible for the health and safety of your clients. Therefore, you want someone who will put effort into their daily job. If you hire someone who is unprofessional, it will make you as the owner look bad. You want someone who will take care of your residents.

Look for a company who present themselves as professional, with experience in management services. Their agent will be a representative of you, and therefore needs to reflect your values and beliefs in client care.

Are you looking at appointing a London Block Management Company? Consider Westcolt Surveyors. Our Block Management team has 60 years combined experience offering bespoke and personalised consultancy and management services for residential and commercial estates of all sizes. From grand period properties, to vast modern developments, our block management services are provided to a wide range of clientele, including: private investors, charities, resident management companies, property developers, share-of-freeholders and intermediate landlords.

If you think your property can benefit from appointing a London block management company, then contact us today. We can provide you with more information on the specific and bespoke services we offer. With an expert agent handling your property, you can see an increase in your income and the happiness of your residents.

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