Lease Extension In London

Lease Extension In London With Westcolt Surveyors

The Westcolt team is full of knowledgeable individuals who have several years of experience under their belts. They spend their days assisting and advising our London-based clients on all aspects of leasehold properties. These people receive a comprehensive, tailored service, which has been designed to suit their specific needs. Lease extension is something our team […]

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Best Surveyors in London

The Best Surveyors in London

At Westcolt Surveyors, we have over sixty years of combined experience, so when it comes to our services, there’s no one finer. We believe we are truly the best surveyors in London, why, you ask? Not only does our team have a wealth of knowledge but we also offer a range of services across the

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blocks of houses under management

Block Management: An Overview

Are you a landlord of a residential block? Do you struggle to please your leaseholders or effectively manage the property? Then maybe you should consider hiring a block management company. Block management could be what you need to satisfy your leaseholders and help guarantee your block is successful. They can take over many of the

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Streets of London

Common Block Management Mistakes

Block Management companies have the task of looking after property, tenant and landlord, ensuring that everyone is happy and the building is kept in an acceptable state. Often, inexperience or confusion can lead block management companies to make mistakes; neglecting their maintenance duties, abandoning effective communication and making hasty and costly errors. If you want

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What is Property Maintenance?

What is Property Maintenance?

What is Property Maintenance? The dictionary definition of ‘maintenance (n)’ is “the process of preserving a condition or situation” and as the name ‘Property Maintenance’ suggests, this is the process of preserving and upkeeping the condition of a property. For any landlord with either commercial property or multiple tenants, property maintenance is essential to keep

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Why yse a Block Management Agent?

When is it time to say “Enough is enough” with your property management company?

All too often, people stay in a situation for way too long. Even when this situation no longer serves our best interests it can be tempting to hold on anyway and avoid change we might deem too complicated or too much effort. We’ve been amazed time and time again at how long landlords and property

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