What is Property Maintenance?

What is Property Maintenance?

What is Property Maintenance?

The dictionary definition of ‘maintenance (n)’ is “the process of preserving a condition or situation” and as the name ‘Property Maintenance’ suggests, this is the process of preserving and upkeeping the condition of a property. For any landlord with either commercial property or multiple tenants, property maintenance is essential to keep your building in a good state of repair and to keep tenants happy. As well as being a huge timesaver, contracting a professional to do the job of property maintenance is also cost-effective. If you decide to go it alone, you may well have to put significant sums of money into purchasing equipment for multiple jobs such as cleaning, plumbing, repair works, decorating etc. Hiring a specialist company means that you are working with professionals who are already equipped to do their job to a high standard.

We know that busy landlords and commercial property owners don’t always have time to put into the day-to-day maintenance that is required to maintain a property professionally. When buildings have heavy foot traffic each day, inevitably there will be facilities that need work. No matter how major or minor an issue is in a building, having a property maintenance company in place will present an enormous advantage for attracting prospective tenants of your building – all problems will be sorted out in a timely, expert manner meaning that your facility is well protected and looked after.

Who should I go to for Property maintenance?

While it is critical to choose a company who are experts in carrying out a wide range of works on a building to a high standard, it is also crucial that you consider the communication and transparency of the Property Maintenance company too. There is more to maintenance than just carrying out work quickly and efficiently. As a landlord, you want to be kept in the know, and you need a company who will keep open lines of communication with yourself, the tenants and any developers and freeholders so that everyone is kept happy when it comes to your property.

Look for a Property Maintenance company who will commit to responding to any emergencies promptly and efficiently, ensuring tenants are safe and the integrity of your site is kept in tact. A company who has strong links with a wide variety of trustworthy contractors will mean that you are never let down when it comes to the repair and upkeep of your property.

Why Choose Westcolt For Property Maintenance?

Westcolt Surveyors provide expert professional maintenance for all types of property in London. We maintain domestic block buildings, purpose built apartment blocks and commercial properties, and we always use trusted, skilled tradesmen to carry out any specialist maintenance work. We believe in transparency, and in light of this, we make it our duty to inform tenants, landlords, freeholders and developers of ongoing-maintenance work or routine check-ups. Keeping everyone up to speed at all times ensures better communication and increased efficiency.

We only ever contract trustworthy, competent and highly skilled tradesmen for repair work on your property. Our building and maintenance services here at Westcolt are custom-tailored to your exact needs. We put protecting your property and investment at the forefront of our services at all times. This way, we can ensure that your property is finished and ready for tenants to move in accordance with all legal obligations, and the details laid out in the tenancy agreement. If building or contents insurance is required, the Westcolt Build & Maintenance team can also assist with finding the best policy for you.

At Westcolt Surveyors, we provide top quality building and maintenance services across the Capital. If you require any maintenance professional or building service for your property, including a plumber, electrician, gardener, painter-decorator, plasterer, builder etc., then we can oversee the projects and ensure the works are completed to the set standards and timeframes.

Our services include:

  • Obtaining quotation estimates
  • Instructing repairs, refurbishment, decorating and maintenance works
  • Instructing any ground works including gardening
  • Instructing any professional cleaning services
  • Ordering any furniture or other household goods as per instructed by the client
  • Once work is complete, arranging for full safety checks to be carried out and records issued (gas safety, electrical safety, EPCs, etc.)

Do you think you could benefit from working with a trusted, professional Property Maintenance company for your London Block Building? Then get in touch with Westcolt Surveyors today.

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